Soccer Player

You may be talented but, if nobody watches you ? The direction of amateur players and their presentation to professional teams requires good management.

Own Video

Video exposure of the technical conditions to the teams and social networks.


Invitation to international tournaments. Travel Assistance


With "The method" you will have that Plus that only Eleven´s players have


Presentation to professional teams, contractual and sports advice.

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Everyone will know you

Being affiliated with Eleven's and through your promotional video, it will be exposed to professional teams around the world. You will also have a page with your profile and visitor statistics.

  • Monthly affiliation Up to 3 videos of max. 3 minutes.

  • You can disenroll at any time.

  • Personal page on our server.

  • Monthly visit statistics report.

Training Eleven's

Under Adverse Conditions

Training under pressure and in the circumstances in which the player will usually feel in reality.

Virtual Reality

Training using modern 4D virtual reality technology simulating real game conditions combined with Neuroscience

☯Life philosophy☯

Comprehensive training on and off the field, eliminates harmful habits of play and life. The balance as a universal principle.

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make the difference

If you do not want to be one more, like those players who never had a chance, this is your best decision. Your promotional videos will be watched by player's agents and professional teams.

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USD monthly
  • Profile page
  • on our own server
  • Máx. 3 videos x 3 minutes
  • Exposure to professional team

Training PLUS

USD monthly
  • SOON
  • Initially in Colombia
  • Neuroscience under pressure, applied in virtual reality